Video: Weather slams Europe, while US gets break

March 11, 2012

>> about how mild the winter has been here. mildest in decades. it’s a different story in europe where huge snowstorms and sub zero temperatures hit with deadly fury. michelle kosinski is in switzerland this morning with the latest. good morning.

>> reporter: hi. it’s hard to believe people in the alps were saying, where is the snow? we need it for skiing. soon to be followed by 18 feet in some places. now that the temperatures are rising a little that’s making the danger of avalanche and flooding greater. the second brutal winter for europe in a row. this winter blasted europe like a blow torch of cold. just as swaths of the continent were brought to an icy stillness the images captured seem other worldly. waves on the black sea frozen in motion. reverse seas walkable, streets skatable. record-breaking cold in europe , more snow than anyone can remember — up to the rooftops. hundreds of people have died. tens of thousands cut off by impassable roads. in kosovo an avalanche killed all by a 5-year-old girl in a family of nine. she was we beneath snow for more than ten hours.

>> europe is the victim of a high latitude block where if the weather system in the upper levels of the atmosphere is set up over the northern latitudes somebody has to pay for what would be normally cold weather there farther south.

>> reporter: the deep freeze extends east to china where the waterfalls stopped falling. in colorful tibet, whiteout. and west, rome saw its first snowfall in 25 years. babbling fountains of milan stunned silent. germany and the ski towns of austria, switzerland, france relish snow, just not upwards of a dozen feet all of a sudden where avalanches claimed the lives of more than a dozen people. on friday, the prince of the netherlands, son of the queen, was trapped in an avalanche skiing in austria. the father of two is in stable but life-threatening condition. now finally, temperatures are breaking, but so is ice. not a good thing in belgrade this week. an the danube, giant pieces crushed boats. the force of winter won again. now the u.s. military has stepped in to help get people out and supplies in to towns in mont n mo montanegro. it looks like a swarm spring is on the way but a lot of heat will be reflected instead of absorbed. david?

>> it is a beautiful scene. thank you so much, michelle


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