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March 10, 2012

The elder care is recommended for senior citizens who want to stay at their house but require constant care something which the family members will not be able to provide on a regular basis. With the elder care, the senior citizens would be provided with help from outside source while allowing them the opportunity to live at their homes independently as long as possible.

The health care services differs from maximum health care for those senior citizens who are recuperating or suffering from terminal illness or disabilities, to very light health care for those with minimum health issues. Family members of senior patients suffering from Alzheimer?s and other similar diseases mostly like to have the patient stay in the home environment with the help of elder care services.

The elder care service can be accessed simply by hiring a caregiver or also by contacting the service agencies for elder care. The elder care services include both stay-in as well as stay-out services. Thus while some elder care services provide medical assistance on the basis of pre-planned timetable, some try to give companion services through stay-in workers.

The elder care companionship services are provided for those senior citizens who are healthy but need assistance to do their ADLs or activities of daily living. The main target of the service is to let the senior citizens live independently at their own homes for as long as possible. The medical assistance is not there.

The elder care has the task of providing a sense of companionship to the physically fit but lonely elders who live all by themselves. The elder care has the responsibility of providing information to the concerned family members about the senior member and also to provide security. The elder care tries to transform daily activities into enjoyable moments of fun activities and conversation starters like viewing old pictures, playing scrabbles, strolling around the park, solving puzzles etc. Hence, the elder care attempts to provide mental and emotional support to the seniors so that they can be mentally and physically alert.

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