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February 25, 2012

State Requirements

Workers Compensation coverage is mandated for any boss, who has one of more employees. Farming businesses, independent contractors and the self employed are not affected by this rule. The rules for Workers Compensation may be different in each state. To find out what the requirements for Worker?s Compensation are in your particular locale. Visit Small Business Administration.

Workers Compensation Benefits

Worker?s Compensation applies to any worker, who has been injured in a job-related accident. It requires the payment of medical benefits, rehabilitation and lost wages to the injured employee. Worker Compensation includes a work-related death benefit.

Safety Techniques

Creating your own Fall Protection Plan enables you to put in place precautions that are specific to your safety needs. OSHA has regulations, but you may find that they do not meet your requirements. To examine a model Fall Protection Plan, visit OSHA

Safe Building Sites

Safety has to be job number one on a build, especially where falling is a frequent hazard. OSHA offers an example of a Fall Protection Plan. Even if you do not want to create a unique plan for your company, the info contained in the example can enable you to lessen Worker Compensation Claims by ensuring you are complying with the protective measures.

Having a meeting to tell your workers in detail what safety measures must be in place, makes your employees much more aware to the hazards around them.You need to stress that safety measures are to protect your workers-not just your company. This kind of awareness should be expressed in terms that make your employees realize that you care about them.


The monitor is utilized to prevent accidents and implement safety measures. Foremen cannot be used as monitors because foreman are already accountable for protecting their workers. According to OSHA, monitors need to be experienced individuals that have been given a lighter schedule to oversee the safety of no more than six workers

A monitor must be able to be identified by wearing a blue arm band, hard hat or vest.

A monitor must forewarn orally work-hands when approaching an open edge area to avoid startling them. The monitor must speak out loud when indicating the presence of a hazardous situation.

Fall Protection Requirements

OSHA mandates that fall protection regulations must be in force whenever a laborer is six feet above the bottom level of a structure. This means that during the framing or roofing of a dwelling it is crucial to observe all fall protection precautions.

Safe Working Conditions

To take precautions against injuries on the job, certain procedures must be followed.

Make your workers aware of hazards and high risk areas.

Make sure your workers are aware of any unsafe situations that require special precautions.

Make a worker aware when he is displaying unsafe behavior on the job.

Do not allow other employees in danger zones unless it is absolutely necessary.

Safety Equipment And Regulations

Be sure protective Gear is in working order and being utilized.

Use scaffolds, ladders, platforms, guard rails, body belt harnesses and control zones to decrease injuries.

Control Zones may use rope, wire, tape or other devices, such as a supporting stanchion to provide safeguards.

Ropes or wires used for safety, including sagging, cannot be any less than 39? and at the most 45?above the walking surface.

Lines used to prevent falling must have a minimum breaking strength of 200 lbs.

Holes greater than 12?X12? have to be covered or have guarding rails.

Holes created by precast concrete columns must be covered except for the column that is currently being worked on.

Putting safety procedures in place requires time and diligence. However, the effort is well worth the work. An injury on the job can cost time, money and involve liability claims and lawsuits. Any of these outcomes can have a major negative effect on a small business.

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