[unable to retrieve full-text content]AP – An international rights group says Somalia’s militants and government forces are recruiting children to fight and in some cases to serve as “cannon fodder” for adult fighters.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/world/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20120221/ap_on_re_af/af_somalia_child_fighters

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[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters – Comcast Corp, the leading U.S. cable company, is launching four new minority-owned cable networks with partners including former basketball star Earvin “Magic” Johnson, hip-hop mogul Sean Diddy Combs and Hollywood director Robert Rodriguez.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/movies/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20120221/media_nm/us_comcast_networks

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Usually, someone transfers around every seven years, for lots of reasons. He might have agreed to a different career in an exceedingly distinct place, and the future of his occupation can have leaned on the relocation. There could be health problems to be taken into account, and then he moved to a place where he?ll get the very best medical treatment. He might have founded a household, and he and his wife transferred to an area that they really feel is best for raising children. Or he purely would have saved adequate resources to get his own house with his dream location.

Buying a house is a relatively greater undertaking than transferring to a new place, and as such, requires a lot of thinking. Getting into the latest house just includes paying off the rent and other associated fees; homeownership, on the other hand, can be an entirely distinctive ball game.

You should primary have the money to buy a property, that?s correct? but it doesn?t just stop there. You?ll need to be economically stable more than enough to make regular installments for the mortgage, repairs and maintenance, and utilities that are included in the home. Buying property is not only a one-time monetary deal, so it will be wise to have got proper job, a substantial amount of personal savings meant for back-up, along with the important economic management skills in order that all installments will probably be included often.

To learn just how fiscally steady you might be right now, you can examine your overall family finances. Compute your month-to-month bills and evaluate it from your wages. Its also wise to consider any debts that you are hauling, and exactly how you happen to be repaying it.

After determining if you?re economically willing to have your house, the question of your type of house to get could be the anyone to response subsequent. This is a significant selection for making since then chances are you are going to be residing in the property for years. It needs to be suited to your requirements in the future. If you plan to enjoy young children, the house will need to have enough area for them whenever they get there. Figure out if you?ll shortly be looking office, storage, and hobby spaces beyond the standard bedrooms and guest rooms, and find out if specific energy-saving traits and kitchen appliances can certainly be integrated into the house. The homes have to be capable of provide housing for your particular life style demands thru numerous levels in your life.

If you are prepared over the buying process, you are able to employ a realtor to search for the acceptable residence for you and help you navigate for the best price. Make the most of accessible press designed for looking for that home-check the Internet, stick to Available For Sale indications, inform your friends that you?re searching for a fresh place, or travel to new growth sites.

The decision to buy a house is a significant one. It might employ a major influence on the way you have been completely existing within the past a long time, however it is also a very pleasant transformation. It indicates your transfer to a new point in your life, using the probabilities of a whole new family or brand new beginnings beingshown to people there. Begin get yourself ready for ones foreseeable future and view your houses bit by bit coming into look at.

Source: http://home-improvementblog.com/need-to-buy-a-house-you-have-plan-for-it/

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State Requirements

Workers Compensation coverage is mandated for any boss, who has one of more employees. Farming businesses, independent contractors and the self employed are not affected by this rule. The rules for Workers Compensation may be different in each state. To find out what the requirements for Worker?s Compensation are in your particular locale. Visit Small Business Administration.

Workers Compensation Benefits

Worker?s Compensation applies to any worker, who has been injured in a job-related accident. It requires the payment of medical benefits, rehabilitation and lost wages to the injured employee. Worker Compensation includes a work-related death benefit.

Safety Techniques

Creating your own Fall Protection Plan enables you to put in place precautions that are specific to your safety needs. OSHA has regulations, but you may find that they do not meet your requirements. To examine a model Fall Protection Plan, visit OSHA

Safe Building Sites

Safety has to be job number one on a build, especially where falling is a frequent hazard. OSHA offers an example of a Fall Protection Plan. Even if you do not want to create a unique plan for your company, the info contained in the example can enable you to lessen Worker Compensation Claims by ensuring you are complying with the protective measures.

Having a meeting to tell your workers in detail what safety measures must be in place, makes your employees much more aware to the hazards around them.You need to stress that safety measures are to protect your workers-not just your company. This kind of awareness should be expressed in terms that make your employees realize that you care about them.


The monitor is utilized to prevent accidents and implement safety measures. Foremen cannot be used as monitors because foreman are already accountable for protecting their workers. According to OSHA, monitors need to be experienced individuals that have been given a lighter schedule to oversee the safety of no more than six workers

A monitor must be able to be identified by wearing a blue arm band, hard hat or vest.

A monitor must forewarn orally work-hands when approaching an open edge area to avoid startling them. The monitor must speak out loud when indicating the presence of a hazardous situation.

Fall Protection Requirements

OSHA mandates that fall protection regulations must be in force whenever a laborer is six feet above the bottom level of a structure. This means that during the framing or roofing of a dwelling it is crucial to observe all fall protection precautions.

Safe Working Conditions

To take precautions against injuries on the job, certain procedures must be followed.

Make your workers aware of hazards and high risk areas.

Make sure your workers are aware of any unsafe situations that require special precautions.

Make a worker aware when he is displaying unsafe behavior on the job.

Do not allow other employees in danger zones unless it is absolutely necessary.

Safety Equipment And Regulations

Be sure protective Gear is in working order and being utilized.

Use scaffolds, ladders, platforms, guard rails, body belt harnesses and control zones to decrease injuries.

Control Zones may use rope, wire, tape or other devices, such as a supporting stanchion to provide safeguards.

Ropes or wires used for safety, including sagging, cannot be any less than 39? and at the most 45?above the walking surface.

Lines used to prevent falling must have a minimum breaking strength of 200 lbs.

Holes greater than 12?X12? have to be covered or have guarding rails.

Holes created by precast concrete columns must be covered except for the column that is currently being worked on.

Putting safety procedures in place requires time and diligence. However, the effort is well worth the work. An injury on the job can cost time, money and involve liability claims and lawsuits. Any of these outcomes can have a major negative effect on a small business.

Before you choose any building insurance, be sure to check out Custom Contractors Insurance http://tinyurl.com/6w9tapt. Definitely, find out more about Custom Contractors Insurance affordable premiums and great coverage on Workman Compensation Insuranceworkers compensation insurance

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Source: http://www.loan-insurance-mortgage.com/2012/02/20/how-to-decrease-contractor-insurance-claims-through-improved-safety-conditions/

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Supplemental Budget Update:

Members of the Appropriations Committee came to agreement on the cuts to this current year budget (that runs through June 30, 2012). The next step will be for these budget changes to be voted on in the House and Senate.?? You can access the Appropriations Committee documents the approved cuts at http://www.maine.gov/legis/ofpr/appropriations_committee/materials/index.htm

How will the Appropriations Committee 2012 budget agreement affect young children?

Three important early childhood programs ? Head Start, Child Care subsidies and Maine Families home visiting program ? were not cut in the Committee agreement on the 2012 budget. However, coverage for 14,000 parents whose family income is between 133% and 200% of poverty will be eliminated on October 1, 2012. Reports consistently show that, when parents have access to physical and mental health services, they are better able to care for their children. We believe this agreement is deeply flawed. It will deny health care coverage to thousands of people. But it also protects thousands of others who would have suffered even more under the governor?s original proposal and maintains funding for important early childhood programs for the rest of this fiscal year.

The full legislature will decide soon whether or not to support the agreement.

Next: The 2013 Budget (July 1, 2012 ? June 30, 2013)

Members of the Appropriations Committee are now working on the 2013 budget. State funding for Head Start, child care subsidies and home visiting will again be at risk of reduction or elimination by the Committee.

These important programs provide distinct and important services to Maine?s families. The Governor?s proposed cuts that the Committee will again consider would drastically reduce the resources available to Maine?s most vulnerable young children and their families.

What would be the impact of reductions of cuts on these early childhood services?

Child Care Subsidies:

The Governor?s proposed budget would eliminate all state funding of the child care system through the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). The elimination of this funding will automatically trigger a reduction of federal matching funds, cutting total funding approximately in half. Parents in low wage jobs would lose child care subsidies and be forced into child care arrangements that are inconsistent, unstable and often unaffordable. Research has proven time and again that families are stronger and more economically stable when they have reliable, consistent child care. DHHS estimates that up to 1,600 children would lose a subsidy. This represents approximately half of the total number of children served in 2011.

Subsidies have been shown to help low-income parents find employment and stay employed. These findings are strongest for the most disadvantaged families. Subsidies also reduce job-related disruptions due to child care problems.

CCDF funding is used in two ways in Maine. Most of the funds are used to provide subsidies to families that can document they need this child care in order to continue working. The resources are also used to increase access to quality child care for all Maine families; ensure licensing rules are implemented; and provide consumer information and support for families. In order to ensure the smallest number of families lose a subsidy, the quality initiatives Maine currently supports will need to be significantly reduced.

Maine Families

Maine Families Home Visiting Program delivers evidence-based services to Maine?s most vulnerable infants and young children. Maine Families provides a wide array of critical services focused on concerns such as drug-affected babies and family substance abuse, domestic violence, prevention of abusive head trauma and other severe infant abuse, and multiple areas of health and safety. ?The Governor?s proposed budget would eliminate all the home visiting funding from the Fund for a Healthy Maine. This cut, combined with a curtailment (reduction in funding) that went into effect on January 1, 2012, would result in a loss of 68% of the program?s funding.

Maine was recently awarded two federal home visitation grants. One grant is a limited grant intended to support the development of an integrated and cross disciplinary statewide system for home visitation and primarily supporting one demonstration site. The other is a larger four-year grant to expand the existing program in order to reach more high risk infants (esp. drug-affected babies) statewide. Although there is no maintenance of effort (MOE) required for these federal resources, the proposed budget cuts could result in Maine not receiving this funding due to non-supplantation that is included in these grants. Non-supplantation means that new funds cannot be used to replace cuts in a program.

Head Start:

The Governor?s proposed budget eliminates all state funding for Head Start. While DHHS projects that this represents at least 367 designated state funding slots statewide, it is likely many local communities served by Head Start would experience a disproportionate loss. Due to state child care licensing regulations and federal Head Start regulations, programs will be forced to eliminate service in communities. Rural communities without the population density or economies of scale to keep centers open will be most seriously affected. The majority of Head Start parents are working or in school, so this cut will result in low income families losing opportunities to increase their economic independence. Programs are preparing to close centers, which will result in job loss for currently employed teachers, cooks, janitors and other support staff.


The Maine Children?s Alliance believes these cuts are so deep and pervasive that they will decrease the quality of life for Maine families and communities.

We encourage you to make your opinion heard and speak out against these cuts to valuable early childhood programs. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Contact members of the Appropriations committee and your representative and senator to express your support for these early childhood programs. We have developed two template letters that you can personalize.
  • Use those same templates to encourage others to contact their legislators, telling them about the importance of early childhood programs.
  • Here are links to the committee membership list as well as how to find your Senator or Representative:

For more information or assistance drafting letters to legislators or the media, contact Judy Reidt-Parker: jreidtparker@mekids.org or 623-1868 ext. 210


Tags: CCDF, early childhood, Judith Reidt-Parker, Maine Head Start, Maine home visiting

Source: http://mainechildrensalliance.org/blog/2012/02/early-childhood-policy-update-february-2012/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=early-childhood-policy-update-february-2012

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February 20, 2012 The number of people enrolled in The Villages therapeutic foster care program in Lawrence and the 19 other counties in the South Central Indiana region has fallen off in recent yea … Please log in at right to read the rest of this story. Subscribing to TMNews.com gives you 24/7 access to our news, features, and story archives (back to 1996) from anywhere. To start a subscription, you will need a major credit card and an email address to set up the account. Seven-day home delivery subscribers are entitled to complimentary access to our web site.

Source: http://www.tmnews.com/stories/2012/02/20/news.769508.tms

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Samsung HM1800

February 24, 2012

Like last year’s Samsung HM3600?($59.99, 4 stars), the $39.99 Samsung HM1800 is?an inexpensive mono?Bluetooth headset with a small, minimalist design. It improves upon the HM3600 in a number of ways, but suffers from two of the same drawbacks. Poor noise cancellation and a lack of A2DP streaming mean that this headset is only useful if you plan to keep your calls indoors.

Design, Fit, and Pairing
The HM1800 measures 1.6 by .7 by .4 inches (HWD) and weighs .28 ounces, placing it among the tiniest Bluetooth headsets we’ve tested. Made entirely of plastic, with a black body and dark gray front panel, it looks unobtrusive and classy. The top edge is home to a hardware power switch and LED indicator light. The back edge holds a covered microUSB charger port, while the bottom edge features two volume control buttons. The front panel contains the headset’s multi-function Talk button.

The headset features an on-ear design, which means the rubber ear tip rests on your ear rather than in your ear canal.?It comes with two identical, detachable plastic ear hooks, along with three different rubber tips. One of those tips is meant to be worn in conjunction with an ear hook, while the other two allow you to use the HM1800 without a hook. Of these, I found the hook to be the most comfortable, secure option. One of the standalone rubber tips fit my ear more comfortably than the other, but neither made the headset feel completely secure. Using the hook felt safer, and because the headset is so light, it barely felt like it was even there.

The HM1800 is automatically set to pairing mode the first time you turn it on. For subsequent pairings, just hold down the Talk button for three seconds until a voice prompt says “Ready to pair.” The HM1800′s uses a voice prompt-based interface that provides battery and connection status updates, along with usage instructions. I found it helpful, but you can turn it off if you’d like.

Voice Quality, Noise Suppression, and Conclusions
The HM1800 is a multipoint headset, so you can pair it with two devices simultaneously. For this review I paired it with an Apple iPhone 4S?($199.99, 4 stars) as well as a Samsung Galaxy Nexus?($299.99, 4 stars). I had no trouble pairing the headset to either phone or initiating voice dialing. Battery life is good, too, at 7 hours and 36 minutes of talk time. According to Samsung, the headset should last for over twelve days on standby. Given its small size, those numbers aren’t too shabby.

Voice quality is mostly good, minus one key element: noise cancellation. Voices sound rich and full through the headset, if just a touch muddy. And calls placed with it are clear, if somewhat thin. Samsung doesn’t specify what type of noise suppression technology the HM1800 employs, but calls placed outdoors were extremely difficult to hear, even when it wasn’t that noisy. Lots of wind came through, along with plenty of ambient noise I barely even noticed while placing the call. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this headset if you mostly plan to use it while on the go.

Additionally, the Samsung HM1800 doesn’t support A2DP, so you can’t use it to listen to streaming media like apps, audiobooks, music, or podcasts, on your cell phone.

The Samsung HM1800 is small, inexpensive, and features mostly good call quality. The lack of A2DP is understandable at this price, but poor noise suppression holds this headset back. The Plantronics M50?($49.99, 3.5 stars) is another good budget option, as it adds A2DP streaming into the mix, though it too suffers from mediocre noise cancellation. The?Samsung HM6450?($99, 4 stars) is a better buy, thanks to its improved outdoor transmission quality. While it lists for $99, you can pick one up for less than $50 from numerous retailers. And if you need to be sure you can use your headset anywhere, the?pricey Jawbone Era?($129.99, 4.5 stars) is tops for noise suppression, along with the previous-generation Jawbone Icon?($99.99, 4 stars).?

More Bluetooth Headset Reviews:
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?? more

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ziffdavis/pcmag/~3/b4ITIXoHERo/0,2817,2399254,00.asp

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Search Engine Optimization as well as Search engine marketing offers one goal and that?s to improve the particular search-ability of the site looking applications. Online marketers benefit from this particular because when any web site?s google page rank will get larger, this obtains more visitors which ends up in bigger, much better, plus much more recurrent work at home opportunities. Search engine marketing is central to the portion of advertising corporations online today and yes it targets maximizing just how engines like google work for the main benefit of a firm.

There are numerous Search engine marketing professionals through the web. That are usually well-trained and also well-informed upon numerous approaches linked to this particular online strategy. You can find them within companies that provide advertising solutions as well as freelance vendors. Whichever origin you should get a professional through to your enterprise, these are guaranteed to discover how to find a very good method to enhance your online business.

There are numerous tactics that could be employed in order to ensure that you improve the ranks associated with an website looking applications. These techniques are actually developed to help clients and quite a few are usually standardised amongst Search engine marketing agencies. The backbones regarding Search engine marketing are usually 1) niche research, Two) backlink building, and three) social bookmarking.

Market and keyword research as well as on-page Search engine marketing boosts the potency of key phrases have got above just how engines like google charge web pages pertaining to presenting user-search results. Successful on-page Search engine marketing needs intelligent placement of key phrases on a web site where engines like google crawlers would likely effortlessly place them resulting in staying brand name since strongly related a particular keyword research. Keywords can be put upon heads and also subheads of your respective site since characteristic resources for you properly as with the particular items.

Building links as well as off-page Search engine marketing, alternatively, targets one way links on your own web site. Normally, the more that additional sites link to anyone, the more relevant engines like google it?s similar to pertaining to keyword researches. Be thought of as one of the most frustrating part of Search engine marketing however everything is well worth it eventually. Social bookmark creating is the method regarding saving book marks to a site and also tagging this together with key phrases. official link to know This leads to getting your web site effortlessly found by people. Getting the site outlined as well as categorized within social bookmarking nice websites to know websites, business online sites, plus online free classified sites generates more inbound visitors to your site.

There are numerous additional tactics that Search engine marketing professionals use pertaining to perfecting your online company online profile. But no matter which means these people use to your site, it really is for sure that Search Engine Optimization, when done right, would help promote your internet business and also supercharge your revenue ultimately.

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An old expression states that lighting never strikes twice. Nonetheless , often it strikes. Regardless of how much planning and safeguarding we do in life, unexpected events beyond our control can still happen. A tornado could whirl into town and then demolish our home. We could slip on a patch of ice and break our neck. A regiment of birds could choose to break on our corn crop, destroying our complete crop.

Insurance , for example vision care insurance, prepares us for those times in life when ?stuff happens?.

The Eyes Have It

Vision care insurance is significant because our vision is too. To prove this phenomenon, consider that of 2001, about 61% of the US population wore either contact lenses or glasses. That is approximately 169 million people! Also, in the year 2001, the average retail price was $175 for eyeglasses, including both the lenses and frames. Actually vision care is without doubt one of the cleverest investments that single folks and groups of folks can make. Having healthy eyes can increase our overall standard of living, in addition to our productivity at work and school.

You might assume that if you have never required vision correction, then eye examinations would be useless to you. However, a regular eye exam evaluates more than your vision. This kind of check-up can identify numerous optical issues ,eg cataracts and glaucoma. Actually you could be stunned that regular eye examinations can also help to diagnose other issues including raised blood pressure.

The Eye In Insurance

If you want vision care, what precisely is vision care insurance? Mirroring dental insurance, it covers regular care as an addition to standard health insurance. Vision care insurance can lower the cost of regular checkups and also treatment. Similarly , it can cover tiny parts of major eye automobile measures. The majority of vision care insurance plans need their members to pay the standard premium every month. In return, the company usually provides one of two types of coverage. In vision benefits packages, they could cover a specific number of services each year, requiring you to supply a tiny copay during each visit. Another type of coverage, known as discount vision plans, includes eye care services at discounted prices. In both kinds of coverage, a patient or his employer pays the premium.

In the majority of vision care insurance involving companies, the company itself will decide which vision care insurance plan you will receive. A few corporations receive contracts for eye care insurance plans, and then provide them to employees at lower fees.

  • Whether to choose a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Indemnity Health Insurance Plan.
  • Whether to pick a Vision Benefits Package or a Discounted Vision Plan.
  • The Costs of vision care insurance.

Insurance prepares us for some of life?s most unexpected and unfortunate events. Sadly , we lack a glass crystal ball to envision these occurrences. However, vision care insurance makes it easier to access eyeglasses, in order to make our own future.

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Source: http://myfrekans.com/basics-of-vision-care-insurance/

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[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters – Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has dared her political rival, former foreign minister Kevin Rudd, to challenge her in a leadership vote next week, hoping to end infighting that threatens to sink the minority government and its reform agenda.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/oceania/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20120223/wl_nm/us_australia_politics

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