The Death of Titles

November 30, 2011

And yet the trend signifies an important shift in the tactics of the pitch. In the 1980s, the very concept of High Concept releases was kept strictly ?behind-the-scenes,? the province of industry insiders. Top Gun, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer knew, was really Two Hot Pilots; the cynical courtesy of not naming the movie Two Hot Pilots, while thin, placed an essential scrim between the movie?s producers and its audience, the hustlers and the customers. Today, however, the shorthand of the pitch room has metastasized to the marquee. What?s produced, in other words, are not movies but feature-length pitches, and the viewer, in the multiplex, is flattered into mistaking his stadium seat for a producer?s chair, all the while forking over $15 for the pleasure.


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