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September 30, 2011

Aquarium lovers across countries dream of having a Betta fish as one of their tank pets. For sure, they have been totally enticed by its vibrant colors, dramatically patterned fins and interactive personality. Unique as this fish is, there are fun and important Betta fish facts anyone who wants to be a successful owner must know.

As history accounts, the breed of this fish originated in Cambodia which was formerly known as Siam. The latter was coined with the fish? present name ? Siamese Fighting Fish. Famed today as Betta Fish or Betta Splendens, it has reached the tanks of many Eastern and Western households which find joy in keeping them as pets.

It is easy to spot one in a tank. They charmingly swim in their long flowing fins which are usually in various shades of blue, red, purple and white. Males appear in longer fins and more vibrant shade of their usual colors. Females wear stripes in their bodies and fins when healthy. When given proper Betta fish care, they are expected to grow up to two to three inches.

There are also amazing Betta fish facts that expose the behavior of this marine life. For one, males cannot be placed in one tank as they have the tendency to kill each other due to some territorial pursuits. Males and females alike can develop their own personalities. Some could be aggressive when being fed while some could be much tamed for you to pat. A few shows the characteristic of being teachable in performing simple skills in water like jumping rings.

When it comes to its wellness, you would know that your fish is happy and healthy if it swims swiftly. Any dullness in its color and movement could signal that it is has health issues. To avoid death of such tank attraction, learn the basics of how to care for a Betta fish.

Betta fish tanks in general must have enough space on the water surface. This allows easy breathing for these fish which cannot breathe in the water. They drown in the water when they do not reach the surface to suck in air.

It is also advisable to have a spacious tank which can hold five to ten gallons of water ? the ideal home for single fish. Besides the fact that they love to swim around, males need ample amount of clean water for building bubble nests in preparation for the birth of his precious eggs. In one corners of the tank, you will see the male Betta gulping air and forming bubbles covered with his spit. This ensures that it won?t pop long enough for the coming of the eggs.

Most owners share that the standard lifespan of these fish is two to three years only. However, some Betta fish facts show that under perfect conditions they can live for nine years. For this, the owner must provide regular amount of clean water for them to exercise in. If you bought yours from a pet shop, it has already lived a minimum of six months. Don?t fret as with proper care, it can live longer than that.

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