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July 31, 2011

July 28, 2011 ? 9:06 pm PT by Mike
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The closest thing to vert skating us kids growing up in the 90?s ever really experienced were the homemade stolen construction wood half pipes we would make with our dad?s TOOLS.? The lasting power of those things all depended on the kid down the street who after hours of hard work and labor, he comes over without a lifting a finger to help and decides to drive all his force right into the poor ramp, completely obliterating it into several wood pieces and hundreds of splinters.? So with that much effort and little reward, we sort of shunned vert skating.? It was too difficult and not very accessible.

Then came the days when property owners were no longer liable for injuries taken place on their land and KABOOM!? Skateparks everywhere.? Every fortunate skater with the their city?s support were popping up skateparks at every school, recreational park, and even in the parks where MI VIDA LOCA used to take place.? Now we are seeing the evolution of skaters who not only know how to skate street exceptionally well, but also know how to skate vert without the fear of their Chinese FRIEND from down the street tearing it up into a million pieces.? And this is what VBS?s new show Contest Carnage featuring Tom Remillard, Raven Tershay, DIV, Lance Mountain and others is all about.

The mid 80s saw skateboarding explode into pop culture for the third time, driven by high flying vertical tricks and major personalities. Ramps and bowl contests stoked the imaginations of kids and built careers for a handful of major stars. But with the dawn of street skating, contests became less crucial, and for much of the 90s, with a few exceptions, faded from sight. Beginning around 2000, however, a new breed of skater emerged, the product of a new wave of DIY and public skateparks. And with them came a new kind of contest that brought the masters of the 80s together with kids who hadn?t yet been born the first time around.

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