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Nintendo Wii Consoles can be acquired through your choice of auctions on the web. This material will explain the advantages of looking for and acquiring your Nintendo Wii Console with your computer over the Internet. It summarizes the plan of attack that you can follow to conserve your funds on Nintendo Wii Consoles.

What Would Cause Me To Obtain Nintendo Wii Console Through an Internet Auction?

You must first recognize that you must consider the reasonableness of obtaining your Nintendo Wii Console via an Internet auction marketplace. For starters, auctions provide you with 24-hour access, and allow you to shop for items that come from overseas instead of just the ones that are within driving distance.

Crowds – you don’t have to fight them. Although we see numbers that are greater than 200 million fellow computer users searching for bargains on the Internet, none of them will ever infringe upon you. In fact, the shopping experience is a positive factor why so many people are shopping online to begin with. Once you understand the procedures to get the information you want, shopping online can be a positive event in your life.

Where Are Great Prices On Nintendo Wii Consoles?

Over the past 30 days, 168118 people, similar to you in many ways, were as curious as you. A place to begin is on your favorite search engine. Make sure you know exactly what it is you want, which in this case is a Nintendo Wii Console. Finding the right item is a matter of getting the keywords correct. The keywords you use will limit the mass of information to just those matching your particular interest.

You want to be as descriptive as possible. Three words should be used as it has been proven that this will improve your chances to obtain your goal as soon as possible.

Search Terms – The More The Merrier

Search functions normally begin by reading the wording in the heading of all auctions within the selected category. It is a high priority to recognize that a person selling Nintendo Wii Consoles has the option to describe the item anyway they want. As the seller lists their auction, they probably won’t come up with the exact terms that you would to find the items you desire.

You can remedy the situation by enclosing your search terms in quotes. This assures that the terms you are searching for will appear together in output generated by the search engine. When you use quotation marks, you are telling the search engine to exclude any results that don’t meet your exact criteria.

Digging Even Deeper

You can be more concise by detailing other factors, such as manufacturer, model, styles, colors and so on. The more information you include in your search, the better. Using this technique can save you a lot of browsing time.

You should also note that search engines tend to treat words like ‘or’, ‘and’, and ‘the’ as part of the phrases to search for. Your search can also be influenced by punctuation. If punctuation is a literal portion of your search data, make sure your search phrase has kept it.

How Much Will It Cost For My Nintendo Wii Console?

During the past 30 days, statistics showed an average of 372 sellers of Nintendo Wii Consoles on most days completing auctions. Items were auctioned at prices between $0.01 and $678.99 and the median start price was $87.59. The most common starting price for Nintendo Wii Consoles was $0.99. The prices for these items ended between $0.01 and $1,009.00, with an average ending price of $307.29. Should you come across Nintendo Wii Consoles with a price of $300.00 or less, you have found a good deal.

How Does The Day Of Week Affect Pricing?

While you look for a bargain on Nintendo Wii Consoles, knowing the best day of the week to shop can save you lots of time and money. The price of Nintendo Wii Consoles can change from day to day. Below you will find the daily purchasing information for Nintendo Wii Consoles pertaining to the previous 30 days.

Sunday had an average sale of $11.64 and a completion rate of 0.00%.

Monday had an average sale of $6,935.00 and a completion rate of 314.43%.

Tuesday had an average sale of $3,633.00 and a completion rate of 305.67%.

Wednesday had an average sale of $1,020.00 and a completion rate of 303.23%.

Thursday had an average sale of $1,403.00 and a completion rate of 297.73%.

Friday had an average sale of $211.00 and a completion rate of 316.41%.

Saturday had an average sale of $2,179.00 and a completion rate of 13,745.00%.

A quick glance at this information shows that the best day suited to complete a transaction for a Nintendo Wii Console is going to be a listings. The time of day will also have repercussions to you. The most advantageous buying time is revenue. This is when the median selling amount of Nintendo Wii Consoles is at its lowest point. A sale price average between revenue and listings was $50.00.

Lastly, Always Do Your Homework

It is critical that a complete check is made of the feedback rating of each vendor you contemplate transacting business with. When it comes to feedback, you will want to set very high standards. You want to know how pleased the past customers have been with their buying experience and the products they purchased.

Anything less than 97% is a bad sign. This is similar to an efficiency rating for appliances. Those that operate at 97% would likely be highly acceptable. The same situation applies to Internet auction services too.

Ibda Nowin is an Internet auction data analyst and Internet shopping enthusiast. Ibda saves consumers time and money by educating them on how shopping for nintendo wii consoles on the Internet can save them up to 60% off store prices. Ibda’s Free E-course “Saving 60% on nintendo wii consoles ” is loaded with tips and money saving techniques for the shopping enthusiast. Subscribe for FREE by sending a blank email to: or visit the website at

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Nintendo Wii Line @ Times Sq. -NY NY by Justin T. Shockley

Why is Dave Grohl smiling? Well it might be because his band, the Foo Fighters, has just gotten a track pack on Guitar Hero for iPhone alongside Spoon. Realistically though, it's probably because he's very rich. And also a rock star.Continue reading Guitar Hero iPhone update: A Spoon of Foo FightersGuitar Hero iPhone update: A Spoon of Foo Fighters originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 22 Sep 2010 13:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Permalink | Email this | Comments

Nintendo Wii Line @ Times Sq. -NY NY by Justin T. Shockley

Ever see a Pokemon tribute video, a Zelda fan film, or a Super Mario Bros. gaming mod and wonder how the people who made it got away with it? Don't Nintendo's lawyers know how to use the phone? More »

Nintendo Wii Line @ Times Sq. -NY NY by Justin T. Shockley

With Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for Wii and Nintendo DS, more people will be crowded around your television trying to play the music game than ever before. The previous Guitar Hero game had introduced Wii and DS connectivity, with players on the handheld controlling a Roadie. With Warriors of Rock, up to eight players — four on Wii, four on DS — can participate, expanding the experience. This also means you're going to need a bigger living room. Digs aside, it looks like a neat (and fun) trick, adding a lot of “gamey” elements to the music game experience. I'm especially a fan of being able to control a quickplay set list on the fly using the DS; I can sneak Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen tunes in between Dillinger Escape Plan and Metallica tracks without anyone knowing!Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is out for the Wii and Nintendo DS on September 28.

Nintendo Wii Line @ Times Sq. -NY NY by Justin T. Shockley

Nintendo_Wii_Flash_Game_Creator_s_Guide by freecourse

Some months ago I wrote the first article about the release of 3 different Nintendo Wii Mod Chips. Being a homebrew fan myself, it was hard to hide my enthusiasm when it came to these Wii mod chips simply because I have been a fan of homebrew games – and more importantly import games, since the days of the good old Nintendo Entertainment system. While it took only a little bit of cutting with an exacto knife back then to play the latest Japanese games on my North American Nintendo Entertainment system, I've pretty much done whatever I needed to do to be able to play those games. Including installing a mod chip in virtually every game system that needed one since then.

I am not into pirating games at all (having unauthorized copies of games that I don't own) as it takes away from the developers that invest time, money, and a whole slew of blood, sweat and tears into making these amazing games. I say this only because the modchips I am about to talk about also allow you to play copies or backups of your Nintendo Wii games – but I am not at all talking about them for this reason, nor will I be able to respond to any questions about this – simply because I wouldn't know what to tell my readers anyway.

In my last Wii Mod Chip Article, I covered three different Nintendo Wii Mod Chips. These included the first ever Wii chip to be released, the Wiinja chip, as well as the Wiikey and the Cyclowiz modchips for the Wii. I won't go into the details and features of these three Wii chips, as my previous Nintendo Wii ModChips Article covered all of their features and functions. I'll instead focus on the newer chips that have just been released.

Before I continue with the rest of the article, I think that it is important for me to say that first and foremost, these are my opinions, and my opinions only. While I prefer to use, or have a chip that I find to be the best all around chip, both for features, functions and price, it does not, by any means mean that you should go with my own personal favorites. I state that I like one chip over another because I am lucky enough to be able to test each new chip as it is released. I'm able to compare the features, the functions, the ease of installation, but it is again, only my opinion. Opinions vary from person to person.

I'll start with my new personal favorite, the WiiC wii mod chip. The features of the WiiC wii mod chip, also called the Wi-IC are very similar to those of the other Nintendo Wii Mod chips on the market today. But what makes the WiiC stand out is the fact that rather than just updating setup settings via a DVD update disc, you are actually able to update and upgrade the built in bios on the WiiC itself. While this may seem trivial, it is a HUGE leap forward as far as support for any type of mod chip. Just imagine new games coming out that don't work with a specific mod. Other mod chips will allow you to settings only. Which means you can set your Wii to think it's a Japanese Wii instead of a Nintendo Wii purchased here in the USA. With the WiiC wii mod chip, you'll actually be able to re-program the chip itself, so that should a game NOT be compatible, you'll be able to update the chip to make even that NEW game compatible.

Keeping the theme of updates. You can easily update a mod chip, even just settings, and end up with a dead chip. The WiiC actually has a built in failsafe for this. A built in sort of DEFAULT option, that will reset the chip and put it back to the state it was in prior to the update. Making it appear as if no update was ever done to the chip, so that you could start again from scratch. And if you're worried about whether or not an installation you did works, it also has built in multi function LED's which will give you an install diagnostic and status, to ensure that your installation worked perfectly, as it should have. And if not, you can check all of your installation / wiring before spending all of the time to put your Nintendo Wii back together again. There are currently no other chips on the market that have all of these features. Of course, it'll play all of your import and backup games, as well as Gamecube import and homebrew games, etc… Not bad for a chip that costs less than $30.00

The second, and last mod chip in this article will cover another new chip to the Nintendo Wii Mod chip market. WiiD wii drive chip, from Team WiiD. Most online stores call this chip a wii mod chip for advanced users. I can only assume that this statement is made because of all of the advanced features that are touted by the manufacturers to be coming soon. Being first to market has tremendous advantages, especially in the video game related products category. Be the product a controller, or, as in this case, a modchip. But being first to market also means that you could potentially release something a big too early, and have it not work with every type of machine that is on the market, or yet to come. While the WiiD manufacturers had the technology ready to produce their mod chip, they decided to wait and release it after thoroughly testing it with every single type of Wii console on the market.

The WiiD is a fully featured Nintendo Wii mod chip. Allowing you to quickly and easily play all of your import and backup Gamecube and Nintendo Wii Games, as well as Gamecube Homebrew games right out of the box. It's extremely easy to install, easy to upgrade, compatible with every single Wii console system on the market today. What makes this mod chip really stand out is the ability to either use the quick solder pads found on the chip, like many Wii Mod chips. But you can also use wires just as easily as using the quick solder pads, thanks to the pre set solder points right on the WiiD chip, making wired install just as easy, without having to solder to the quick solder pads.

Find out which mod chip better suits your personal skill level. Choosing the right chip depends mainly on your skill level and what you anticiapte you would like to do once the modchip is installed into your Nintendo Wii. A full list of functions and features for these Nintendo Wii Mod Chips is available by reading more about the WiiC

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