Nintendo Wii Line @ Times Sq. -NY NY by Justin T. Shockley

The Wii is much smaller than what most people expect it to be. It is smooth, distinctive and looks good. The Wii-mote, as the

remote is referred to, is easy to use once you are familiar with the keys. The Nunchuck control is also good when you connect

it to the Wii-mote for playing the games included with the system. You can buy additional games when you wish to do so. The

sensor bar is very easy to set up and the entire setup doesn't take long to start gaming. The Wii comes with owner manuals

and it is recommended that you go through the manuals so that you understand the system well enough to get the most out of


When you start playing the Wii games you will find that they require some physical participation from you. This is because of

the motion-sensor technology built into the controller. This enables you to play, for example a game of tennis, using the

Wii-mote as a tennis racket. The classic Wii controller is sold separately.

Playing the Wii games will enable you to get into shape, and stay that way. You may select the games you enjoy playing for

regular exercise such as tennis, bowling, and boxing. The Wii includes a fitness age test for assessing your physical

condition after a few rounds of some of the games included. The Wii assesment takes into consideration your speed, balance,

reaction, timing as well as some other characteristics of your physical dexterity. If you play with the Wii regularly, your

fitness will definitely improve.

You can connect to Nintendo's website either using wireless (WiFi) or ethernet. Once you are logged in, you will be able to

download additional games to your Wii. Using the “Virtual Console” you will be able to use the Wii's backwards capability to

play Nintendo's NES games, Super Nintendo games, Sega Master System games and Turbogrfx. You can pay for these games with points purchased with your credit card. Alternatively, you can buy the Nintendo Points cards at your local gaming store or supermarkets such as Walmart or Target, and then redeem these points for games.

Using the Nintendo Wii you can access a weather channel, a voting channel where you can cast your vote on various issues, an

Internet channel where you use a web browser to surf the net and you can even register friends and colleagues so that you can

email them.

The Nintendo Wii is not just for kids, and is highly recommended for all age groups. Even experienced gamers who have

purchased the Nintendo Wii just love it. The Wii is great fun, has vast potential for entertainment. With it's online

features, the Wii is a wonderful experience for everyone. If you have been putting off purchasing the Wii or thought that the

Wii remote control was not well designed, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is best for you to buy the

Wii and try it out yourself.

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Nintendo 3DS Games

August 20, 2010

Nintendo 3DS is a brand new way of gaming for this generation of gamers. You do not have to wear glasses to experience the special effects in this gaming device. It is surely a revolutionary machine, which will alter the way we play games. Nintendo 3DS has a very cool backwards compatibility feature and more horsepower. The processing power of the 3D component in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld device can be used efficiently for making better-looking games. Nintendo 3DS handheld device is slick and stylish. The players will have a third dimension to this game but they can also enjoy the standard 2D format.

DJ Hero 3D:

The physical turntable peripheral in this game is brought to a handheld portable device and you do not have to pay anything extra for the special attachments. It does not have GBA cart slot and even if it does there is no way to attach it to the latest handheld device from Nintendo. Note tracking becomes easier with the 3D effect and you can focus on the closer planes. The background fades and blurs effectively into nothing. Controls are handled with stylus and like the console version the notes flow down the track. The color-coded arrows will tell you whether to flick right or left. When you find long stretches of some colors you have to scrub your stylus and when you find circles you should tap. It is very satisfying and simple game.

Steel Diver:

The Steel Diver submarine warfare game was long expected in Nintendo DS, but launched in Nintendo 3DS. It has been reworked for the 3DS version. Shigeru Miyamoto says that this title is almost done and the 3DS version is expected soon.

Kingdom Hearts:

The kingdom hearts video demo starts with Sora sitting on a branch by the edge of ocean water. It continues with various familiar locations, which is inter-spliced with the shots of some characters from the game. The trailer shows the 3D port of Kingdom Hearts rather than a new 3DS title. The graphics in 3DS is very nice but the 3D effect looks very weak.

Paper Mario:

It has new features like chain chomp companion and peel-off badges for Mario. Otherwise, it looks like GameCube and N64 games. The 3D effects in this game are completely binary and it does not matter whether the 3D slider is on or off, there is no variance in the 3D effects.

Mario Kart:

This Mario Kart game comes with 3D graphics. It is not as good as the Wii version and visually it is underwhelming. The 3D effects will pop up when the players overlap but still it is an exciting game.


Nintendo's 3DS top screen shows the trailer of Rapunzel animated movie from Disney. It looks exactly like the theatrical version of the animated movie trailer, but it a lot smaller. There is nothing Earth-shattering in this game. If this device is capable of playing full 3D movies, it will be much more interesting.

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Farmville Funnies #1 by (x, why?)

I am sure that if you have a Facebook account then you have heard of Farmville. If not Farmville is a game that is easily played and you can become one of the Farmville experts very quickly. The game consists of creating a farm from scratch. You have to begin by plowing your land, then you have to choose what crops you want to grow and you have to make sure that when they are ready for harvesting they are harvested on time.

When you are plowing, sewing and harvesting your crops you earn experience point and Farmville money. The experience points help you to gain the higher levels in Farmville, and the money allows you to buy seeds, buildings and animals. There are many so called Farmville experts claiming to know how to do things for better results.

You do have to be cautious in what tricks and tips you follow when playing Farmville as there are some Farmville experts that will show you how to use automated ways of running your farm. These automated tricks are not always legally allowed in the game. If Facebook sees you are using an illegal cheat they may well close not only your Farmville account but also your beloved Facebook account.

When you start off playing Farmville you will realise that the higher levels unlock more crops, animals and buildings that you can use. Some of these items will help you to reach higher levels in Farmville much quicker. This is why there are loads of Farmville experts queuing up to sell you their unique way to level up quickly (reach higher levels of Farmville).

The best way to level up quickly is to follow the rules and you can still do this and reach a high level very easily. Some of the things you will have to know about though is which crops, flowers and trees give you the best return on the money you purchased the seeds for. You will need to take into account the best hourly money earning crops, which ones will also give you the best return on experience points.

Some Farmville experts will give you some of this information and then miss out something far more important that they should have told you. The one important point you have to remember is that you have to plan your crops so that they will be ready to harvest at a time when you will be able to access a computer. If you do not harvest them on time they will wither and die, and you will have wasted money on the seeds and you will miss out on the cash and experience points you would have got by harvesting them.

Although Farmville may seem a complicated game to play, in actual fact it is very easy and enjoyable way to pass a few hours. You can play Farmville at your own pace, and if you are not bothered about levelling up quickly that's fine. There are now millions of people playing Farmville worldwide every day.

There are ways to level up quickly on Farmville and there are many Farmville experts willing to show you how to do it. As I mentioned you do have to be careful which Farmville experts you follow, as some of their methods may not be legal on Facebook. Using illegal cheats can cause your Facebook account to be cancelled so you have been warned. Following Farmville experts can lead to very fast growth of your farm just be sure that what you are doing does not break the rules

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Here we go

August 9, 2010

What a weekend. I earned a speeding violation, misplaced my own credit card, as well as got in a little automotive crash. The previous 3 days have been loony. I'm simply relieved it's behind me and I do not have to put up with that anymore. Well the good announcement will be that I will have some even more free time to enjoy video games and goof off due to the fact I have no vehicle in order to get to work. The good news is my position permits me to deliver the results from home also. Okay signing off for now. I'm going to be blogging some more in the future.

Nintendo Wii Controller

August 4, 2010

My Station Nintendo Wii by into the deep of my soul

The video gaming field is undergoing explosive growth. More and more people are getting on board with the video gaming lifestyle and buying the new consoles which bring so many entertainment options right in to their own homes. In 2007, estimated sales of video gaming consoles were in the neighborhood of $480,000,000! A large part of this total figure is accounted for by sales of the Nintendo Wii.

Sadly, the Nintendo Wii has been difficult to come by for many, given the unprecedented level of demand for this console. There have been waiting lists for the Nintendo Wii which are months long! Video gaming enthusiasts are less than thrilled by the situation.

Since its release last year, Nintendo Wii availability has been nothing short of dismal around the holiday season. If one of the people on your shopping list was hoping for a Wii, they may end up being disappointed. Nintendo has tried to keep pace with the demand for this system, but it has been nearly impossible to do this because of the overwhelming demand on the part of video gamers for this revolutionary console.

Finding a Nintendo Wii has been more difficult in some parts of the world than in others. In the UK, stores have has considerable trouble keeping the consoles in stock ever since their release. Since the beginning of the year though, Nintendo Wii availability has been slowly increasing. It is now a possibility to go into a store and emerge with a Nintendo Wii console, which has been an unlikely event before now.

Problems With Nintendo Wii Availability:

  • Holiday rush – The holiday season created a demand for the Nintendo Wii which far outstripped the supply of these popular consoles, creating a shortage worldwide.
  • Disappointment for gamers – the lack of Nintendo Wii availability led to a lot of long faces this past holiday season.
  • Scams – criminals took advantage of the unprecedented demand for the Nintendo Wii by perpetrating swindles on unsuspecting gamers.
  • Deceptive marketing – unscrupulous shop owners used deceptive tactics to sell more Nintendo Wii gaming consoles.

Deceptive Marketing and Controversial Sales Tactics

Some unscrupulous retailers were using deceptive strategies to sell more Wii consoles during the early days of Nintendo Wii availability in the UK. Knowing that the Wii was difficult to find, some retailers used the old “this is the last one in stock” trick to get customers to buy immediately based on the scarcity of the item rather than thinking about the purchase.

Other retailers overstated their inventory levels and promised Nintendo Wii availability at a certain date – which ended up getting them into trouble when the Wii consoles were not there at the time which they had been promised to customers.

The low availability of the Nintendo Wii at the beginning led a lot of consumers to fall for the plots of swindlers. On more than one occasion, swindlers sold a Nintendo Wii either through a website of their own or via online auction sites. The customer, eager to get their hands on a Wii before everyone else would pay and then receive a box full of bricks rather than a Nintendo Wii as a result of being taken in by this swindle.

Now that the Wii has become more widely available, these sorts of scams are now rare. Nintendo Wii should continue to become more and more available and soon there will be no more waiting lists for the exciting gaming console, no matter what time of year it is and where you live.

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