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August 17, 2010

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I am sure that if you have a Facebook account then you have heard of Farmville. If not Farmville is a game that is easily played and you can become one of the Farmville experts very quickly. The game consists of creating a farm from scratch. You have to begin by plowing your land, then you have to choose what crops you want to grow and you have to make sure that when they are ready for harvesting they are harvested on time.

When you are plowing, sewing and harvesting your crops you earn experience point and Farmville money. The experience points help you to gain the higher levels in Farmville, and the money allows you to buy seeds, buildings and animals. There are many so called Farmville experts claiming to know how to do things for better results.

You do have to be cautious in what tricks and tips you follow when playing Farmville as there are some Farmville experts that will show you how to use automated ways of running your farm. These automated tricks are not always legally allowed in the game. If Facebook sees you are using an illegal cheat they may well close not only your Farmville account but also your beloved Facebook account.

When you start off playing Farmville you will realise that the higher levels unlock more crops, animals and buildings that you can use. Some of these items will help you to reach higher levels in Farmville much quicker. This is why there are loads of Farmville experts queuing up to sell you their unique way to level up quickly (reach higher levels of Farmville).

The best way to level up quickly is to follow the rules and you can still do this and reach a high level very easily. Some of the things you will have to know about though is which crops, flowers and trees give you the best return on the money you purchased the seeds for. You will need to take into account the best hourly money earning crops, which ones will also give you the best return on experience points.

Some Farmville experts will give you some of this information and then miss out something far more important that they should have told you. The one important point you have to remember is that you have to plan your crops so that they will be ready to harvest at a time when you will be able to access a computer. If you do not harvest them on time they will wither and die, and you will have wasted money on the seeds and you will miss out on the cash and experience points you would have got by harvesting them.

Although Farmville may seem a complicated game to play, in actual fact it is very easy and enjoyable way to pass a few hours. You can play Farmville at your own pace, and if you are not bothered about levelling up quickly that's fine. There are now millions of people playing Farmville worldwide every day.

There are ways to level up quickly on Farmville and there are many Farmville experts willing to show you how to do it. As I mentioned you do have to be careful which Farmville experts you follow, as some of their methods may not be legal on Facebook. Using illegal cheats can cause your Facebook account to be cancelled so you have been warned. Following Farmville experts can lead to very fast growth of your farm just be sure that what you are doing does not break the rules

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