The Wiire Podcast – Episode #126

July 27, 2010

Scott goes missing again while the rest of the panel digs up all sorts of Wii game news, including the possibility of a new Resident Evil game for Wii (that isn't a port), why Bioshock 2 probably isn't coming to the console, Nintendo's disappointment with Wii Music's sales, Dead Space Extraction, and more. Be sure to grab this episode today!
(02:26) Currently Playing
(12:40) Resident Evil 5 Producer Wants the Wii
(20:30) Job Posting May Hint at BioShock 2 for Wii
(24:53) Nintendo Feels Disappointment in Wii Music + Reader Comments
(39:10) Hudson Soft Unleashes an Onslaught of Help Wanted
(43:06) Nyko Wand Announced
(47:39) Dead Space Extraction

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